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Materials for heat exchangers

Masider is an estimated marketing consultant for international projects involving heat exchanger materials

such as:
Seamless and welded tubes, cladded plates, forged and destined to power plants as well as desalination plants, refineries, chemical, petro-chemical, and nuclear plants.

We have established a long-time relationship with the most qualified producers of materials for heat exchangers in the world.


  • Seamless and welded Titanium tubes (China and Korea)
  • Seamless Copper Alloy tubes (Mexico, China, Korea, Germany)
  • Explosion cladded plates (Korea and Europe)
  • Seamless and welded Steel, Stainless Steel and Duplex tubes (Korea, China)
  • Nickel alloys tubes as well as finned tubes (Korea, China)
  • Forged materials (Korea, Spain)

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All the above are produced according to the main international standards as ASTM/ASME, EN, DIN, JIS.
All the Mills are open to evaluate and study customer’ specifications all above welded or seamless.


Our high level of technical competence, good service and flexible organization enabled us to establish very good cooperation also with reliable producers of Carbon Steel plates cladded by rolling method of Japanese origin

Copper alloys plates are also in our range of business as well as Steel Forged plates.